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Mission Statement

Ozark Golf Academy helps the golfer grow his/her skills in all facets of the game-from swing fundamentals to course management.  Mike Singletary is a Class A PGA teaching professional with 30 years’ experience of instructing golfers at all levels and ages.

The natural beauty of the Ozark Mountains provides a perfect backdrop for developing proper fundamentals and practice skills that will result in lasting help for your game.  It’s an undisputable fact that managing your practice time wisely is the surest path to lower scores.

Mike often says, “You can train the body but not the ball.”  His drills will teach you the positions and movements of the best players in the world.  Controlling the ball is about controlling the body, and a well-struck ball is a direct result of making a proper golf swing.  The ball should never be the focus.

If you are serious about raising the level of your game, Mike can show you how 10 minutes, a mirror and 10 feet of space during the week can turn your weekend woes into pure joy.

My father introduced me to golf when I was eight years old.  That was nearly seventy years and several skeletal surgeries ago.  I thought my better playing days were behind me and then I met Mike Singletary.  It was not instant success, but with a few changes in setup, I began to see room for optimism.  That’s what separates Mike from other teaching professionals.  He did not try to teach his game, but helped me to find mine through observation and discussion of specific areas I needed to practice in order to strengthen my play.

Over the years I have taken many lessons from many professionals, but none have “stuck” like Mike’s.  A session with Mike commences a partnership that lasts forever.  He not only helped me to identify key improvement targets, he taught me practice methods and drills designed to achieve permanent results.  I have read many books about golf and subscribe to several magazines loaded with “tips”, but without Mike’s help, I doubt that I would have the confidence to be looking forward to days of better play ahead.

                                                                                                                                                       John Kenny

 “We met Coach Mike Singletary through the 1st Tee.  He has always been great with the kids, as he knows how to break it all down on their level. He is patient and knows how to help them build confidence. He does very well tricking them into correcting their issues with certain drills and exercises to get better results.  He has enthusiasm and love for golf, and lesson time with Mike is very enjoyable.  We recognize Mike as a great coach and asset to the game of golf, and we highly recommend Mike for any one interested in improving their game.”

                                                                                                                           Tony and Carmen Anderson

“We have taken lessons from Mike for 10 years now.  Mike takes the latest in golf technology and combines that with his 40+ years experience in golf, to give you the perfect combination of golf instruction to improve your swing.  If you want to improve all aspects of your game, we highly recommend visiting Mike at Ozark Golf Academy.

                                                                                                                                      Mark and Julie Deihl

Much golf instruction fades faster than a poorly struck 3-iron.  But with Mike, the true value often comes weeks, even months later.  His drills, which require only minutes a week, will pay lifelong dividends in the form of solid ball striking, resulting in lower scores and tons more fun on the golf course.

                                                                                                                                           James’ testimonial


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